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Your art style is a bit satirical and funny, but bad story, bad exhibition, and it seems to be in another language. Wasn't very funny. I suggest, in the future, making jokes come at the viewer just a bit faster. In quicker succession, that is, And make them quick little quirks. Take a look at Oney's "Dragonzball PP." The funny bits are so small, but there are so damn many. Like little face changes, messing up names, failing to say words, and even a millisecond shot of Freeza landing on Vegeta and squeezing his ass. Don't copy Oney's work or anything, just have the "humorous" aspect be quicker, less vulgar, and make more sense.

Shatterhand was the greatest NES game ever made.
And this flash isn't bad at all!

Read his newest post on his profile. Sadly, he won't be making any more. However, I do agree that most of his fans from episode 1 have outgrown it to this point. New fans will be dissappointed, but that's just a price to pay.

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Honestly, I love the Vortex Point series, and was really disappointed to find that it didn't work at all... That is, until the fourth or fifth time I checked after a number of weeks, it miraculously worked.

It was great, just like all the others.

Finished in 28:22. A great length of time for something like this.

The last half a star is for making me wait.

Remember, always drink your holy water and make sure it works. :?)

Easiest point in click game I've ever played! Finished in 9;19. Now he gets to have unlimited pancakes and bang the german chick. ;o

Clone of a much more popular game, One Finger Death Punch. Impossible to win because one of the attacks leaves you vulnerable for almost a whole second, otherwise it would be a good survival game.

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Reminds me a little bit of Super Mario RPG on the SNES. Only a little, though. This is great. It's got your (signature?) "fast-paced happy" feel to it, which I enjoy.

Don't face the microphone directly when speaking into it. Breath goes forward, sound goes in all directions.

Skullls responds:

Thanks for the review! I will definitly follow your advice!

Oh my! I saw that I had a message today after being gone for a while, and this song is really really great! Exactly my kind of music! To be honest, it kind of reminds me of a faster paced Adventure Time song, which, in the case that you don't know what adventure time is, isn't bad. At all. I would LOVE to hear a 100% Chiptune song from you, I really think you're up to it! For now, 4.5/5 stars, not because something dragged it down, but only because it seems a teensy bit repetitive. Otherwise, it's a really nice song and give me another PM when you make that Chiptune song!

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I don't know much about art, but I know what I like.
And this is what I like.

I love it. What's the comic about?

Lundsfryd responds:

I have no idea.. Thanks for the stars :)

I noticed her pose!

Eat ALL of the sandwich!

I only make a certain type of music. If it's ever changed, then I'm not in a good mood.

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